Waddington, Pollard, and more

© Edward Waddington

A slice of family history

I have been fortunate to obtain photographs, pictures and documents that shed light on the lives of my ancestors and wanted to share them with my family, many of whom may not to able to see this collection in the flesh. I grew up hearing stories mainly from my paternal grandparents about their times exploring ancient history.  I heard that my grandfather had bitten some gold during a dig in Egypt as he was not sure it was real, and that this gold object ending up at the Museum of Cairo.  Or that my grandmother was involved in finding the death mask of Queen Nefertiti.  That my grandfather was responsible for protecting monuments in India from Japanese bombing during World War II. Little did I realise the inscription my Grandfather wrote in a copy of TUTANKHAMUN The Last Journey by William MacQuitty and what it meant. “With love on 15th February 1973 from his grandfather Hilary Waddington who knows Tel el- Amarna where Tutankhamum spent much of his childhood.” This will be a growing site as more is researched and published.